Live streaming of Obama’s inauguration caused the Internet’s top 40 sites to slow to 60% of normal speed. Wow.

WebGuild posted an excellent article today on the effect that all of the world’s live video streams had on the Internet yesterday during Obama’s inauguration. I was hoping that somebody would have the metrics for that. It appears that it was the good people over at Keynote. Predictably the total number of pages viewed was down which often happens when video minutes increase. Akamai (which owns 50% of the global CDN/video delivery market) went from 2M concurrent live streams to 7.7M. If we double that to take into account their competitors, that means that video usage went from a normal amount of say 4M concurrent live streams to approximately 15.4M concurrent streams – almost 4x higher than normal.

Does anybody still doubt that internet video is here to stay? I don’t.

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  1. Avatar

    Awww, come on. The Internet is just a big fast fax machine .. everybody knows that.

    Internet video is just a flash in the pan, won’t amount to anything.

    I’m also wondering if by now you might have guessed I’m just spoofin’.

    TV as we know it is done for, but it will probably take another 10 -15 years to be fully transformed, mostly ‘cuz of peoples’ habits. But I’m probably over-cautious in my timing estimate.


    • Troy

      Hey Jon. Yep, internet video is as dead as CB radio. Hey good buddy, what’s yer 10-20…errrr….10-30….err….what the frick are those codes again?

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