Looking for angel financing ($100K-$1M) in Vancouver, BC, Canada? The Angel Forum has announced its fall dates.

There are a couple of angel forums in Vancouver, places where entrepreneurs can go to pitch their business idea directly to angels (high-net-worth individuals who invest their own money in startups).

One of them is the Angel Forum run by Bob Chaworth-Musters, the other is VanTec, the VEF Angel Technology Network, which is coordinated by Mike Volker. The Life Sciences Angel Network (a sub-group of the VanTec group, is coordinated by Joyce Groote.

Some information on the fall Angel Forum event as quoted from their announcement:


The Angel Forum is where 30+ pre-screened technology, service and manufacturing companies seeking equity funding of $100,000 to $1 million, present to 50+ pre-screened private equity investors.

Angel investor preferences are for both tech and non-tech companies at the “starting sales” stage or “established sales” stage with some investor demand for “in-development” stage. They are looking for:

· an experienced management team (not necessarily complete) located a half day from the investor,
· innovative products/services with clear protectable and sustainable competitive advantages,
· a compelling market need to grow the company to a significant size with a leadership market share,
· company has raised funds from family/friends, ASI or NRC and has a realistic business valuation


Important dates to keep in mind:

August 31, 2004: Early bird registration closes
October 25, 2004: Investor Ready 101 seminar for presenters
October 31, 2004: Final closure for applications
November 22, 2004: Angel Forum is held in Vancouver, Canada.

To register for the Angel Forum, go to www.ANGELforum.org and use the “Start Registration” page to get your password and then to “Submit Company Profile” page and fill-in/fax “Company Registration”. Registration requires both information pages: Early Registration ends Aug 31 with final company registration deadline Oct 31.

Questions should be directed to Bob Chaworth-Musters.

I would like to note that I have attended the Investor Ready 101 seminar a couple of times and found it extremely useful and very dense. Roger Killen (Raising Big Bucks Communications), David Raffa (Catalyst Law), and Bob Chaworth-Musters present the materials and it is well worth attending.