Looking for angel or venture capital in Vancouver, Canada this fall - see this schedule (UPDATED)

NOTE: Deadline is approaching on October 31st for presenting to the Angel Forum on November 22, 2004. See “Angel Forum” notes below.

October 25, 2004: Investor Ready 101 Seminar

From their website:

Open to anyone, this seminar (not a workshop) will help emerging entrepreneurs seeking seed and expansion equity to understand the motivations and expectations of  investors,  to critically view themselves and their investment opportunity through the eyes of potential investors. This seminar teaches an integrated and proven approach for building an investor friendly early stage business in British Columbia.

Who should attend? Entrepreneurs, founders, directors and managers of early-stage Canadian businesses that need external capital to finance rapid growth.Who should not attend? Not-for-profits, sole proprietorships and public companies.

Attendees can volunteer to deliver an “infomercial” on their business and funding needs during the 30 second Elevator Pitch contest. Winner receives 20% off registration fee for subsequent Angel Forum.

This seminar has been running since 1998 and is the only one of its kind, based in BC.  Space is limited to 52 seats and our last seminar helped 45 entrepreneurs position themselves better to attract equity capital.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004: (First Tuesday of the month) Vancouver Angel Network for Technology Companies (VANTec)

From their website:

Vantec Angels are accomplished Vancouver area technology entrepreneurs who wish to make early stage investments in, and sometimes provide mentoring or advice to, new companies. An ideal angel is someone who has been “at the helm” running a technology enterprise having realized some financial rewards as a result of this and who is now in a position to invest in, and advise, entrepreneurs. Investment amounts will vary greatly, but a typical angel invests in the $100K+ range. Often, several angels will invest in a company. In some cases, millions of dollars have been invested. Angels also attract traditional venture capital financiers.

This Network consists of experienced high technology CEOs or executives who meet monthly to hear two or three 15-minute business presentations by startup technology entrepreneurs. This is not a forum style of event – it is private and informal. Between 20 and 30 angels typically attend each meeting. (Do not confuse the angel network with angel forums which are held periodically). The objective is to make initial introductions with a view to having interested parties subsequently meet in private. There are no agents, brokers, or institutional representatives. Angels invest their own capital – not other people’s money.

November 4, 2004: Northwest Entrepreneur Network (Seattle) Entrepreneur University 2004

From their website:

 If you’re looking for a competitive edge as you launch and grow your business, join us for Entrepreneur University 2004 – an intense, honest, and hands-on educational journey. EU 2004 will be your ticket to learning more about the start-up and growth process, meeting the very people who can help you at each stage along the way. For more information, call (425) 564-4074.

The Northwest Entrepreneur Network, the Northwest’s premier association for early-stage and start-up entrepreneurs, is proud to present its fourth annual Entrepreneur University on November 4 at the University of Washington in Seattle. We believe EU04 is the ideal place to learn from other entrepreneurs’ experiences, gain insight into angel and venture capital investors’ expectations, network with your fellow entrepreneurs, and come away feeling completely jazzed and ready to go!

 At  Entrepreneur University 2004, you’ll meet your  entrepreneurial heroes. In fact, more than half of  the speakers ARE entrepreneurs – people just like you, who are out there every day, working to  make their companies thrive! You’ll also get  to know a host of the region’s top venture  capitalists, attorneys, consultants, and marketing  and sales executives, who partner with entrepreneurs to grow their companies.

 The agenda focuses on the nuts-and-bolts details of entrepreneurship. We’ve identified the major topics in starting, growing, and exiting a company, and have created three sessions within each topic. Options are good, and we’re giving you 24 of them so that you can tailor your EU education to your specific needs! Regardless of whether you’re a high-tech, manufacturing, or service start-up, you’ll find just the right sessions to attend.

Nov. 8 & 9: Canadian IT & Biotech Financing Forum

From their website:

The Canadian IT & Biotech Financing Forum West attracts top tier Canadian and US corporate and VC investors to meet with the best and most promising, emerging Canadian Information Technology and Biotech firms.

In 2003 over 40 companies presented to investors from 50 Canadian and American Venture Capital firms. Join us in November for the best investor audience and networking opportunity in Canada.

The Forum is the only major Canadian venture finance event where companies receive the undivided attention of the investors in their sector. 15 minute presentations feature many of Canada’s top prospects. Information technology companies will present in one room with Biotech companies and the investors focused on their sector in another.

The Forum features Mary Macdonald and the Venture Market Outlook, a company exhibition area for both Information Technology and Biotech companies, topical panel discussions and our popular ‘Meet the Investors’ sessions.

Nov. 22, 2004: Angel Forum

From their website:

The Angel Forum was the first of its kind in Vancouver in 1997 and since then presenting companies have raised $14+ million through the Angel Forum.  60+ private investors listened to 30+ entrepreneurs personally presented their equity financing needs of $100,000 to $1 million, at each recent Angel Forum.  Usually their reasons for not funding a company are un-realistic valuations, poor presentation and or lack of company follow-up.