MacBook 13 continues to be 1.0 hardware

Well, it seems that my MacBook continues to exhibit some of the weirdness that other people are seeing. The three issues that seems to be affecting it now are the processor pauses, a penchant for putting itself to sleep when I’m in the middle of working on it, and poor battery life.

The first appears only every once in a long while, perhaps once or twice per week. Everything just stops in an application. I can switch apps but can’t do anything in any of them. Then about a minute later, all of the things I have done “play out” on the screen like they were buffered. Very weird.

The second is a lot more annoying. When I get back to the machine, I often run my finger back and forth on the trackpad to find the cursor. On occasion, this puts the MacBook to sleep instantly. It will be powered up. The screen will be on. But it just goes to sleep. And I can’t wake it up by hitting the keys beause if I try to do that, it will start to wake up and then immediately go back to sleep. This morning, it did this five times. It kept sleeping, I kept waking it (either by closing the lid and opening it or by hitting the keys) and it would wake up with the screen turned completely off. I force rebooted the entire thing and it rebooted….and then went to sleep at the login window. The solution was to pull the battery out completely for 30 seconds and put it back in. Once I did that, I was able to wake it up (now from hibernation mode) back to the login windows (this time with the screen on full brightness again) and log in. No problem since. But searching for “Macbook sleep problem” seems to show a high preponderance of them.

The third item is the poor battery life. It’s about half of what my iBook got. Probably a combination of the much brighter screen and the much faster processor. So I’m not sure if that’s a hardware problem or just reality.

Damned 1.0 hardware. I would send it back to Apple but it’s a lot faster than my iBook was.