MacBook Hell resolution (part 5)

I have my damnable MacBook 13 back after a logic board swap, but I’m never going back. I have been living with a MacBook Pro 15 for 2 weeks now and it’s the best Mac I have ever used, hands down. The screen is dense (and matte thankfully!), it’s fast, and I’m currently running Firefox, IE, Safari, Entourage, Word, iTunes, Keynote, Omni Outliner 3, Preview, Powerpoint, Acrobat, TubeSock, and iMovie – FREAKING AWESOME. THIS is what a computer should be like. It’s about time Apple had a chip that was fast enough to run Mac OS X.

Thanks again to MacStation in Vancouver for all of their help during these episodes with the MBP13. Hopefully guys, I won’t be in for a while!

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