More on hell freezing over. Microsoft Windows on Palm media event

My favourite quotes from this Register article with my comments in [square brackets]:

“Microsoft had competed (…pause…) rather vigorously,” with Palm said Ed [Colligan], “but times have changed.”

“Palm always did great work and we lusted after some of the things they did well,” said Bill. [like make fast operating systems that weren’t overloaded with checkboxes and buttons that nobody had ever seen before?]

“And we wanted to combine them with things we did well.”

“There are millions of people around the world who want that familiar Windows experience,” said Ed – who’d devoted over a decade to trying to rescue people around the world from that familiar Windows experience.
What would this mean?

So here was a Palm with a Start button: just as Jeff Hawkins surely intended, all along?

Those are the funny bits but the article is still worth a read. Sounds like it was a painful press conference. I wonder what Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky are doing these days and if they have already high-tailed it out the door?