My perfect work environment: immersion + augmented reality + Project Natal + hamster ball on rollers + World of Warcraft + crossfit

To all the crazy inventors out there, can you please invent this for me? I spend my days working on a computer, looking at hundreds of windows, using 20-30 different applications, chatting across way too many channels. Frankly, it’s really not healthy for us to sit so long, work on laptops, and stare at little screens. Inactivity is death and decay.

I want to step into my “office” which would be more like a World of Warcraft world and it could be in a giant hamster ball on wheels so I could run any direction I want. And I should be in a fully immersive environment where I can run in any direction, and interact with my applications with big motions (must jump onto 4 foot box so I can see my email!) or if I want to talk to somebody who is in a different system, I should have to “run” to the other room to answer the inbound message. I want to be completely utterly physically exhausted from my day at work, not sore from a complete lack of activity and too many hours of no motion in the joints.

Or I suppose I could quit and become a labourer. But my work is so damned interesting and I love interacting with all of the people I know. I just wish I could do it while running, jumping, leaping, climbing, and crawling so I could work, have fun, and stay in great shape all at the same time. Maybe I should be quitting work in the web industry and working as a firefighter but I know it wouldn’t hold my mental interest!