Patriot Act abuse: couple being overtly sexual on a plane have been charged under the Patriot Act. WTF?

THIS is the reason you don’t allow overly broad stupid legislation like the Patriot Acts I and II and the most recent Military Commission Act to pass. They are always unintended uses that far exceed the original intent of the law. In this case, a couple in their mid-forties were being overtly sexual on a Southwest Airlines flight and have been charged under the Patriot Act (which was designed as a tool to charge terrorists.)

What a joke. Why are Americans putting up with this? WAKE UP. Unbelievable.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. They should have been hauled off the plane if he was threatening the staff, but charge them with mischief, not under the fracking terrorism act.

Craig Ferguson had a funny episode on this story: “When the other passengers saw these goings-on, they were surprised and thought….’What, entertainment on a Southwest Airlines flight?'” Funny. But not.