Please go and vote for our Web 2.0 Manifesto over at ChangeThis!

Some friends and I decided that we want to write a Web 2.0 manifesto over at ChangeThis. We submitted our proposal to the ChangeThis team and they accepted!

So now we need you to go over and vote for us on this page!

Here is the summary of the proposal:

There is a change occurring on the internet and it is called Web 2.0. It is already beginning to transform the way we connect, collaborate, create and communicate. It allows people to work together across time and space. It allows machines to read. It is the manifestation of six degrees of separation, a way in which we can see the weak links that hold our networks of networks together. Everybody who uses the internet for business, non-profit, government operations or pleasure needs to know how it works because it allows people to communicate more easily with their network, experience faster feedback loops, collaborate more effectively, and work in ways that were not possible before. Our manifesto trumpets the arrival of this evolution of the internet, weighs the benefits of moving and the risks of staying on web 1.0, articulates the principles underlying this paradigm shift, provides resources for further exploration, and calls all readers to begin making their own transition. We will also explore the hype factor and talk about the current investment atmosphere in this area.

Please forward this to anybody you know who can assist us. If enough votes come in, they will then take the polling page down and notify us that the manifesto is a go.

Then comes the hard part – we have to write it!! Luckily we’re part of the way there already.

Once it is written, they choose whether or not to finally accept it and publish it as a Manifesto.

Thanks for the help everybody!

P.S. To those of you who voted for my last manifesto back in December 2004, thank you. It never went in because after they accepted it, they sent the submission rules and the rule 1 was “It shouldn’t be angry.” Given that my Technology Buyer’s Manifesto was like one big Dennis Miller rant, it would have had to have been completely re-done from the ground up and I didn’t have time what with the new job and everything. So here goes try #2, this time with the help of my friends. In fact, they were the inspiration for it since they got me into all of this stuff to begin with!

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    Sorry Troy,

    I have to disagree. “Web 2.0” is just an exepected mild evolutionary stage based on a growing awareness of capabilities. Nothing more. By hyping it, folks will give a very disagreeable pr “bump” to something that is not that big a thing. Watch for all the opportunitistic fundng types to jump all over this and pervert it. Cautious optimism quietly doing its thing is what the industry needs, that is all.


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    For better or worse, it has already been categorized. I agree that in fact, much of it is evolutionary. And that the best companies are going to be those that take the new integration across applications, APIs, web-based tools, and creat businesses that have sustainable value. The 2.0 hype machine has already started and with it will come all sorts of bad business plans, buried amongst which will be a group of excellent businesses that will quietly do the hard work, create value for their clients, and generate profits. It is just another cycle like the other 11 (12?) listed in “Devil Take the Hindmost” and we have to take the good with the bad.

    It is my goal to actually address what you are saying inside the Manifesto. The title was partially tongue in cheek. We want to take a snapshot of this moment in time and show what we know, what we don’t, and what people think it is at this moment in time.

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    In fact, I think it would be great if you help us write the manifesto Reg. You can be the “voice of reason” for us and give it a solid historical underpinnning. Let me know.

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