Quieting our cities: Do they make electro magnetic pulse generators that are small enough to aim at a Harley?

I would like to offer up a business idea to an enterprising young engineering student. Develop something that operates a bit like a speeding ticket camera but that is for sound level instead. Build it so that it can sit in intersections and detect noise levels of Harley Davidsons and other bikes with modified exhausts that are so f**king loud that they echo throughout the entire downtown core at all hours of the day and night. When it senses a burst of motorcycle revving, it will send a very targeted Electro magnetic pulse blast at the bike, knocking out the electrical system on the bike. Voila. Peace and quiet and one more bike that is inoperable. If you put this on a drone balloon hovering over the city, you could also use it to detect and knock out boom box cars!

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