Quotes from Sequoia's Don Valentine

This post at VC Confidential contains some fantastic quotes. I have excerpted a few of my favourites.

“The trouble with the first time entrepreneur is that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. After a failure he does know what he doesn’t know and can beat the hell out of people who still have to learn.”

“All companies that go out of business do so for the same reason – they run out of money.”

“Great markets make great companies.”

“I like opportunities that are addressing markets so big that even the management team can’t get in its way.”

“I am 100% behind my CEOs right up till the day I fire them.”

“The world of technology thrives best when individuals are left alone to be different, creative, and disobedient.”

“One of my jobs as a board member has been to counsel management to avoid distraction and to execute with constructive paranoia.”

All fantastic and useful quotes.