Report to the home planet: Earthlings break their own rules so that they can watch other earthlings run around with a small round object

Report to the home planet:

Solar date: 4034583.9.20

The humans on this planet are very fond of their sports. One sport in particular which involves running around a field moving a round object from player to player seems to be popular across the many nations. It is so popular that the other day, despite the serious negative consequences they might face, a group of the humans convinced the pilot of their airship to contravene another nation’s airspace, so that the passengers on the airship could watch this so called “soccer game”. Their ability to be driven by multiple conflicting desires, in this case, a desire to uphold their air space regulations, and the conflicting desire to go watch some of their fellow humans run around a grassy field with a round object, seems to be a somewhat defining character trait of the entire species. Very curious.

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