Rewriting school books in Texas: Sex is bad, abstinence is good, condoms are missing, and gays are depressed, suicidal drug-users

Book-burning and more importantly, book-re-writing has been used throughout the rein of man to erase the collective knowledge and to curb dangerous thoughts and direct society. This infamous technique for hiding knowledge continues unabated today in Texas. Dubya and the ideologues (sounds like a great rock band title), continue to push their ideological and theological worldviews on youth, ensuring that the kids know little about sex education, thereby ensuring their continued Top 5 spot on the CDC’s “child pregnancies per capita” list. In case that’s not clear enough, I’ll translate: Our view on what you should do is more important than not bringing unwanted babies into the world.

While they were at it, Terri Leo, one of the members of the 15-person Texas Education Board made sure that all homosexual code words like “couple” (gasp) and “adults” (shriek) were properly changed to husband, wife, mother, father, where appropriate. Thank God and the Republican member for getting that straight (pun intended.)

My favourite part of the article was this one:

The board rejected a proposal from Leo asking for language saying: “homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals as a group are more prone to self-destructive behavior like depression, illegal drug use and suicide.”

How long will it be until they remove all of the science texts that reference evolution…or have they done that already. Then I guess we’d pretty much have to ensure that the kids don’t hear about our newly discovered hobbit-like brethren from Flores Island or the genetic discovery that humans and mice came from the same genetic ancestor about 75 million years ago. We wouldn’t want the kids to know that either. They might question the Bible, turn gay, have sex out of marriage (or in marriage), think for themselves, and grow up to be intellectually engaged adults.