RightScale comments on Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud - it's the start of the enterprise-ready cloud market

I agree with Thorsten von Eicken’s comments over here on the RightScale blog that Amazon’s new Virtual Private Clouds are a BIG DEAL. (Jeff Barr’s announcement blog post is here.) Now any enterprise can create a secure tunnel into virtually unlimited instances sitting over at Amazon. No more need to design, buy, rack, configure, and manage servers that appear on your own internal network. This “bridging” is critical to enterprise adoption. Companies will not drop what they have and move to the cloud. It won’t happen that way. They’ll use what they have now and gradually ADD cloud services to their existing IT landscape and porfolio. As a member of the RightScale team, I can tell you now that we have been working with Amazon on the VPC and if you are a customer of ours and would like to be in on the early releases of RightScale that will support VPC, let me know (troy at rightscale dot com) and we will put you on the list. Kudos to the Amazon Web Services team which just keeps cranking out innovation and climbing up the layers of the stack.