Rocketbuilders releases their Commercialization study on Best practices for getting emerging technology companies from R&D, through Production, past t

Rocketbuilders is a Vancouver, BC, Canada based management consulting firm specializing in helping technology firms identify and capitalize on market opportunities.

They were commissioned to do a study on commercialization best practices by the NRC and ASI in Spring of 2004.  Dave Thomas, Reg Nordman, and Geoff Hansen were the key authors of the study, assisted by Thealzel Lee, Noulan W. Bowker,  and Catherine Crucil.

In short, they analyzed the commercialization continuum of companies in 3 sectors and evaluated common best practices across companies and sectors that contributed to getting companies from the research stage across the valley of death to the actual commercialization stage.

Here is the page with links to the full results of their study.