Search Engine Humour

Below are some real true to life queries that were used at Google or other search engines that found my site. I love the ones that are written in plain English. I guess that really is the future of search so we should be congratulating the Googlers for being able to build systems that can work this way. It is obvious that these searchers have no comprehension of search phraseology and so they just ask the question, assuming that the search engine has some sort of semantic understanding of the question.

  • troy and oceans 12 photo gallery
  • causes of the attack of troy
  • how will the church change in the next 20 years and what will be the causes of these changes
  • ludicorp Draper Fisher Jurvetson [Hmmm, has somebody heard a rumour about DFJ investing in Ludicorp/Flickr?]
  • Venture Capitalist Wanted Email Address Contact In Europe 2005

Bizarre but true. Some of these sounds like people dumping their essay questions onto the web.