Secret trials, detention without cause, and no due process: The Gulag, the Reichstag? No, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Like we need any more evidence that the U.S. has turned into a police state, along comes this article about an innocent Nepalese man who has been in solitary confinement for two years in BROOKLYN, with no trials, no charges, and who has been kept in a 6×9′ cell with the lights on 24 hours per day for two years…who is innocent. It’s bloody appalling. The sooner this entire Administration goes and the sooner their McCarthy era tactics are no longer condoned, the better.

The really infuriating part is this quote from a federal agent who assures us that there is a need for this complete breach of due process. Trust us, we’ll take care of it. Well, that’s the problem when due process is not allowed, nobody can trust anybody to take care of problems because the problems themselves are invisible and not open to transparent inspection. That is the POINT of due process.


Mark Corallo, a spokesman for the Justice Department, said that though he was unfamiliar with the case, the system of secrecy Mr. Bajracharya encountered is lawful and necessary. “The idea that someone who has violated our immigration laws may be of interest on a national security level as well is an unfortunate reality, post-9/11,” he said. Closed hearings are legal as long as due process is provided, he said, and all abuses will be dealt with.

But Ms. Cassin, of Legal Aid, argues that under this secret practice, there is no way to know whether other noncitizens are even now being unfairly detained. “By its very nature,” she said, “it can happen again without our knowing about it.”