Self-powered mobile fly-eating robot eats and digests flies for power using microbial fuel cells

Okay, so it has to use human poop to attract the flies and it still can’t actually catch the flies – it has to have them fed to it’s little mouth – but all the same, the interesting parts of this equation are:

• it is self-powered
• it uses microbial fuel cells to generate its own electricity
• it stinks like poop so you’re probably not going to use one anytime soon.

Isn’t technology great? Imagine writing the grant application for this baby:

Applicant: “Okay we need ten million dollars because we are going to use human poop to attract flies to an artificial venus fly-trip thingy that will swallow and digest the flies, which it will then use for energy.”

Department of Homeland Silliness: “Does it counter terrorism? Can you attract terrorist flies? Or can it digest terrorists? Or can you use terrorist poop?”

Applicant: “Ummmmmmm……sure……..yeah…….I’m positive it can do some of those things.”

DHS: “Right, here’s twenty million and let me know if you need more.”