SF columnist writes a powerful piece on the abuses that take place in all wars

This SF columnist’s article titled “Genital Torture For Dummies – Hey, it’s a war — what did you expect, flowers and bunnies and hopscotch in the Baghdad streets?”  is worth a read. It contains links to much of the news coming out of Iraq and is a refreshingly honest read on things. I highly recommend Mark Morford’s rants.


The pictures are worth a thousand disgusted moans. It’s all flag-draped coffins and dog chains and forced masturbation and pistol whippings and miserable bloody hooded Iraqi men — not terrorists, just men — with wires attached to their fingers and genitals and made to stand up for hours and days on end until their feet swell and their lungs collapse and their livers fail, and you can hear our stunned death-drunk nation cry: Hey, whatever happened to our nice, clean little war? How did it get so ugly and out of hand? And isn’t the “Frasier” finale on soon? Sigh.

 Isn’t the nation just so very outraged — outraged! — over the nasty rogue’s gallery of photos gushing forth from the stunned media of late — (with frightening promises that the worst is yet to come), all those snickering U.S. Army guards and sickeningly abused Iraqi POWs and dead U.S. soldiers and scowling generals.

 And there’s BushCo blaming Rumsfeld and Rumsfeld blaming the military and the military blaming miserable 21-year-old female trailer-park scapegoats and once again there stands Dubya, looking angry and baffled, like a kid who just got grounded for getting another D on a spelling test.

 Did you really think war would be all light spankings and fur-lined handcuffs and afternoon tea, George? All happy giggling soldiers blasting each other with squirt guns and playing jacks in the streets of Fallujah?