Snowshoe Blitz 3: Blue, Michael and I run up Seymour to the second peak to enjoy the sun!

Boy, you have to do a lot of work to escape the cloud and get near the sun when you live in Vancouver! But it was worth it.

My friend Michael and I met at Seymour Mountain at 10am on Sunday morning. Even from the parking lot, we could see a thick white cloud cover blanketing Vancouver and Burnaby. We headed up the mountain, stripping layers as we went and it didn’t take long before we were down to our single layer shirts.

There were lots of people up there skiing, boarding, snowshoeing, and enjoying the sun. We had lunch on top of second peak, lay in the sun for a while, and then ran, slid, and fell down the mountain as fast as we could. Note to self: wear pants with a stronger material on the bum…

Thanks for a great day you two!