Spam in my blog, spam in my Skype, spam in my email. Auuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Why do spammers insist on plugging every bloody orifice????

I am getting 40-50 gambling/porn/sex trackback spam in my Blogware account EVERY SINGLE DAY.

That is with “delete trackback if detected as spam and moderate the rest” turned on. In other words, on its most aggressive setting, I’m getting 40-50 per day. I had to delete many hundreds of them when I realized that I had it on a lesser setting.  Tucows….what the hell are you doing about this?

I see a post from Mark Evans here from June 26 where the Tucows people said that it would be better by the end of the week (three months ago), and another one from Mitch Keeler here from May 2006 on the same issue.

Guys…I haven’t had a legitimate trackback since 2005….just accept that this is a dead function and block it all. For now, I’ll set up a rule to take all trackback notifications and dump them into the trash…

Not to mention the 20 per day that are slipping past Google’s Bayesian email filter. If Google can’t catch it, with all of their rocket scientists and unlimited trillions of dollars, there is no hope.

If you want to reach me, don’t use Skype. I had to set it so that only trusted users can access me because I was getting solicitations from “friendly love for you” and his/her/their/its friends from  Eastern Europe and all over China.

If anybody wants to reach me, I’ll be on my cell phone. SO FAR, I’m not getting any spam there.