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Startup Lessons Learned: Building highly iterative, fast-cycle startups with minimal waste. Simulcast in Vancouver Apr 23

On April 23, over 20 awesome speakers are going to get together in SF for the Startup Lessons Learned conference. Bootup Entrepreneurial Society has kindly decided to host the simulcast in their Gastown digs. Speakers include: Eric Ries (founder of the lean startup movement), Dave McClure (the foul-mouthed, opinionated, and obnoxiously right-most-of-the-time angel), the KISS […] Read More⇒

CIOs prioritizing virtualization and cloud computing in 2009 says Forrester

(This was originally posted at and I’m cross-posting it here as well.) Frank Gillett and his team over at Forrester have released “The State Of Emerging Enterprise/SMB Hardware Trends: 2008 To 2009″ reports. You can find them here (Enterprise / SMB). The summary is below with my thoughts added at the bottom: x86 server […] Read More⇒