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Cloud computing, virtualization, SaaS, Web Services call for companies closes March 20, 2009 for Under the Radar

Under the Radar Round 2 Calls! As many of you know, I am extremely fortunate to be assisting the Dealmaker Media team as co-chair of the upcoming Under the Radar event on April 24, 2009 in San Francisco. This is round 2 of our call for companies in the cloud computing, virtualization, software as a […] Read More⇒

Who Say’s VCs Aren’t Funding? 25 Cloud Startups That’ll Prove You Wrong

(This was originally posted on and is being cross-posted here.) “Are companies getting funded?” The answer still appears to be yes. As long as the market opportunity is solid, the company has an “A” team (or is close to achieving that), and they’re solving real pains for known, addressable customers, the funding still seems […] Read More⇒

January 21, 2009 Dealmaker Media Strategy Series: Cutting Costs in a Tight Economy Meeting Notes

In the Trenches: Cutting Costs in a Tight Economy January 21, 2009 | 6:30 – 8:30PM Moderator: Mark Sherman, General Partner, Battery Ventures Speakers: Seth Sternberg, CEO, Meebo Auren Hoffman, CEO, Rapleaf Eric Ries, KPCB and former CTO, IMVU Munjal Shah, CEO, Jason Lemkin, Founder and CEO, Echosign NOTES: Jason Lemkin He built: Babycenter: […] Read More⇒

Startonomics 2008- Live Blogging

Hey all, I’m at Startonomics today, put on by Dealmaker Media. I’ll be posting updates to this over the course of the day. Live stream is here: My notes and editorial comments are in [square brackets.] These are DRAFT NOTES. Better versions coming after the conference, complete with images. MORNING SESSION: Dave McClure, 500 hats […] Read More⇒

RightNow: market research and bootstrapping led them to be capital efficient, cashflow positive from day one. Nice work Mr. Gianforte.

Javier, thank you for recognizing businesses like Mr. Gianforte’s that are “return leaders“. It is too easy these days to continue to buy the “traffic first, monetization second” crap that continues to be perpetuated (and which is really only applicable to about 0.0001% of the businesses out there.) Greg, I’m glad to see that you […] Read More⇒