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(EDITED) Thomas L. Friedman asks for a 50 page summary report in plain English on climate change and “global weirding”. Great idea Milton.

(EDIT: I said Milton Friedman who is of course, no longer with us, may he rest in peace. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.) Thomas L. Friedman wrote an excellent post over here at the NY Times pleading with the climate folks to go on offense with a simple 50 page grade six […] Read More⇒

City of Berkeley launches their Climate Action Plan using Vancouver-based Visible Strategies’ “See-It”. WOW.

Check out the newly launched Climate Action Plan Indicators tool from the City of Berkeley that is based on Vancouver’s own Visible Strategies‘ “See-It” application. It allows all of the stakeholders to have a dashboard that lets them input their goals, and then track their progress towards those goals. Congrats VS team and City of […] Read More⇒

Happy New Year everybody!

Here is a photo of the Club Fat Ass “Fat Ass 50 New Years Run” hosted by none other than Ean “Action” Jackson, who not only started this run 17 years ago but also managed to run it as his 100th ultra. And thanks to Sibylle Tinsel-Jackson, the Chief Fat Ass, for all the organizational […] Read More⇒

Bon Voyage Jeffrey Walker. You made the world a better place. I’ll miss you.

I spent much of yesterday mourning, remembering and celebrating the passing of a true renaissance man from our lives back into the Universe. On September 1, 2009, Jeffrey Walker – father, husband, son, musician, artist, creator, company builder, martini-drinker, guitar player, blogger, and all around crazy interesting soul – left us all behind for the […] Read More⇒

Fleeing Silicon Valley Parts 1 and 2

Daya Baran has written two excellent posts over at WebGuild on the people, ideas, and capital that are fleeing Silicon Valley as the geographic center becomes less relevant. He quotes Jim Clark (of SGI, Netscape, and Healthon fame) who exited 10 years ago to Florida. Here are the posts: Part 1 Part 2 I have […] Read More⇒

Running a distributed team? Use Skype.

I work on a lot of distributed teams and we use or have used almost everything: Webex (solid but expensive), Adobe Connect (erratic but powerful), Gatherpace (ugly but very cross-platform and very inexpensive), Yugma (I like the team and really tried multiple times but it just never worked properly and the installers always drove me […] Read More⇒

From the sublime to the ridiculous – our communication ecosystem is more complex than it needs to be

Okay, my Plaxo Pulse “simplify my life” quest spun out of control into exactly what I was hoping to avoid – a full-on examination of my various communication networks and channels. Too late. My question is this. For all of us uber connected networking, writing, blogging, conference-going wonks, is your system as horrendous? What great […] Read More⇒