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City of Berkeley launches their Climate Action Plan using Vancouver-based Visible Strategies’ “See-It”. WOW.

Check out the newly launched Climate Action Plan Indicators tool from the City of Berkeley that is based on Vancouver’s own Visible Strategies‘ “See-It” application. It allows all of the stakeholders to have a dashboard that lets them input their goals, and then track their progress towards those goals. Congrats VS team and City of […] Read More⇒

Google releases tool for assessing global forests

Here is a cool project from – a cloud based platform for monitoring the health of the world’s forests over time. I’m glad to see Sergey’s continued influence at Google on not just “doing no evil” but on working on tools and platforms to address some of humanity’s largest issues. Read More⇒

HP’s Russ Daniels makes a great observation

In this article, Russ Daniels, the CP and CTO of HP’s cloud services, made an astute observation:  “We think data in the cloud is exactly the right place to be looking…You can’t look at process because you can’t dictate process across that variety of participants. You need to think about what information to they have […] Read More⇒

RightScale comments on Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud – it’s the start of the enterprise-ready cloud market

I agree with Thorsten von Eicken’s comments over here on the RightScale blog that Amazon’s new Virtual Private Clouds are a BIG DEAL. (Jeff Barr’s announcement blog post is here.) Now any enterprise can create a secure tunnel into virtually unlimited instances sitting over at Amazon. No more need to design, buy, rack, configure, and […] Read More⇒

My perfect work environment: immersion + augmented reality + Project Natal + hamster ball on rollers + World of Warcraft + crossfit

To all the crazy inventors out there, can you please invent this for me? I spend my days working on a computer, looking at hundreds of windows, using 20-30 different applications, chatting across way too many channels. Frankly, it’s really not healthy for us to sit so long, work on laptops, and stare at little […] Read More⇒