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The Web 2.0 Manifesto has arrived (finally!)

Thanks to the nice people at,  The Web 2.0 Manifesto is now here and can be downloaded from this page or if you want you can get the PDF directly by clicking this link. Please email me with comments! Stay tuned for a series of blog-posts that will follow up in more depth. Read More⇒

Web 2.0 Primer: Welcome to the Me-sphere – Your digital identiy is here and it is made up of: Linked In + Testimonials + Dating Website + Blog + Comments + Flickr + + Skype + Trackbacks + Pubsub + Google + Wikis (UPDATED)

It is only when you take into account the sum total of a person’s associations, actions, talk, relationships, you get a more complete picture of them in the real world than if you just listen to their words. The corollary in the web 2.0 world (or web 1.0 world for that matter) is that the […] Read More⇒