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Collaborative Eco-systems vs. monolithic dictators. DoCoMo won’t let Microsoft pollute their eco-system in the mobile telecom sector

Here is an interesting article on the differences between Japan’s NTT DoCoMo and Microsoft. One does R&D and then gives direction to a community of partners, developers, hardware suppliers, and content providers. The other starts from the same point but then develops (or acquires) the entire software architecture internally and then delivers it fait accompli […] Read More⇒

If this isn’t incentive to keep your teenagers busy I don’t know what is. “Bored” German teenagers hack IDs and spend 80 Million Euros on e-shopping binge

From the Register: QUOTE Three “bored” German teenagers blew a staggering £80 million (₠130 million) in just two hours after they ran amok in an online spending spree. Using stolen credit card details the trio bought airplanes, works of art, designer clothes, restaurants, industrial machinery, patents and sound systems. They were arrested by police on […] Read More⇒

Farming for gold: Using plant crops to remediate soil, remove contaminants, harvest gold, and keep ex-miners employed (UPDATED)

I love stories like this one at the Christian Science Monitor about Chris Anderson, a New Zealand scientist using crops to clean up contaminated mines. (Thanks Z+Partners for the link.) In one fell swoop, he has come up with a process to improve the environment (both by having plants around and by having the plants […] Read More⇒