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Dilbert’s Ultimate House

If you have a love of architecture, green homes, virtual reality, and Dilbert, and you have a good half hour to waste spend, I recommend that you visit Scott Adam’s new Virtual home tour at and be prepared to be blown away. The house design was the result of thousands of Dilbert readers collaborating […] Read More⇒

$10 robot that can walk on water and that looks like a bug

How cool is this? Metin Sitti, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon’s Nano-Robotics lab has built a robot patterned on water striders, that can walk – not float – on water and that can propel itself forward the same way that water striders do. The “bug” contains about $10 worth of material. Mike Crissey, writer for […] Read More⇒

Study: 29,000 people, 52 countries, ten years, 262 scientists = Global causes of heart attack are the same: cholesterol profile (50%), smoking (36%), diabetes, high blood pressure, fat belly, stress, inadequate fruits and vegetables, lack of exercise.

This article at talks about the release of the findings of a major study being presented at the Annual Meeting of the European Society of Cardiology. The research […] followed 29,000 people in 52 countries. It took a decade and 262 scientists to complete the work, which, according to the editor of The Lancet […] Read More⇒