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Google can now be used to prove that your spouse is a drunkard who wasn’t really doing errands. FINALLY, a real service.

Google launched Latitude – a features in Google Maps that lets you keep track of your friend’s locations. As with all technologies, this one will pose new challenges. I can’t wait for the first divorce stories to hit the press where spouses tracked their spouse’s activities and logged all of the locations they stopped. “Your […] Read More⇒

Best business movie of the year: Kinky Boots

This is without a doubt the best business movie of the year for its content. And it is probably one of my favourite movies of the year for its film quality as well.  This movie is BRILLIANT. It is the true story of a men’s brogue shoe factory in Northamptonshire, England that in order to […] Read More⇒

Border wars: Plumbers union fights green building because the waterless no-flush urinals will “spread disease”. Um, don’t you mean they will spread “less work for plumbers?”

I’m intrigued by stories such as this one in the ABC News about the plumbers union in Philadelphia who claim that no-flush green urinals are a health threat. I wonder if the union sees them more as a health threat to the UNION DUES than to the USERS. Does anybody have any information on negative […] Read More⇒

Web 2.0 Primer: Welcome to the Me-sphere – Your digital identiy is here and it is made up of: Linked In + Testimonials + Dating Website + Blog + Comments + Flickr + + Skype + Trackbacks + Pubsub + Google + Wikis (UPDATED)

It is only when you take into account the sum total of a person’s associations, actions, talk, relationships, you get a more complete picture of them in the real world than if you just listen to their words. The corollary in the web 2.0 world (or web 1.0 world for that matter) is that the […] Read More⇒