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Interesting reading: food that kills, augmented reality, death by board meeting, lazy people, and big ideas.

Jamie Oliver pleads with us to stop killing our kids with crappy food: Blaise Aguera y Arcas will blow your mind with the next generation of augmented reality mapping tools. Makes Google Maps look like crayons and paper. Running more effective board meetings. Not rocket science but good basic article. It turns […] Read More⇒

(EDITED) Thomas L. Friedman asks for a 50 page summary report in plain English on climate change and “global weirding”. Great idea Milton.

(EDIT: I said Milton Friedman who is of course, no longer with us, may he rest in peace. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.) Thomas L. Friedman wrote an excellent post over here at the NY Times pleading with the climate folks to go on offense with a simple 50 page grade six […] Read More⇒

City of Berkeley launches their Climate Action Plan using Vancouver-based Visible Strategies’ “See-It”. WOW.

Check out the newly launched Climate Action Plan Indicators tool from the City of Berkeley that is based on Vancouver’s own Visible Strategies‘ “See-It” application. It allows all of the stakeholders to have a dashboard that lets them input their goals, and then track their progress towards those goals. Congrats VS team and City of […] Read More⇒

Google signs on 30,000 new Google Apps users at Valeo

Well, Google Apps continues to make headway into the enterprise. Yesterday it was announced that Valeo has deployed 30,000 seats of Google Apps. That’s an impressive sale. The deal was coordinated by Cap Gemini. I’m guessing that it was done by their recently formed cloud computing team that was assembled back in Fall 2008. There […] Read More⇒

Web 2.0 Summit 2006 – Day 2 / Net Neutrality debate between Vinton Cerf (ICANN/Google) and Robert Pepper (ex-FCC, now Cisco)

Day 2 notes from Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, CA: [my analysis and notes are in these square brackets.] Net Neutrality debate: Vinton Cerf, father of the internet vs. Robert Pepper, ex-FCC and now Cisco Bob: this is a falsely premised debate setting up tyranny on the one hand (heavy-handed regulation) vs.chaos (no regulation) […] Read More⇒