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Best business movie of the year: Kinky Boots

This is without a doubt the best business movie of the year for its content. And it is probably one of my favourite movies of the year for its film quality as well.  This movie is BRILLIANT. It is the true story of a men’s brogue shoe factory in Northamptonshire, England that in order to […] Read More⇒

Telus New Ventures 2006 updates

This was a fun week. I’m involved in the Telus New Ventures program which is a business plan competition sponsored by Telus each year. Up to 60 teams of entrepreneurs submit business plans and go through rounds of mentoring and judging, mentoring and judging, until one plan is chosen as the winner of $60,000 of […] Read More⇒

Hey NASA, we’re going to call it the Vancouver-levator. (or how Vancouver’s geeks and visionaries will build the space elevator that allows us to leap into the solar system.)

Space Elevator illustration by Kenn Brown and Chris Wren from Mondolithic (Vancouver’s own brilliant illustrators with a global fan base!) I recently had the pleasure of meeting Steven Jones, the leader of the UBC Snowstar team  – a team of UBC students who are entering the NASA Beam Power and Tether Strength Challenges – two […] Read More⇒

Jesper Olson’s 26,323km lap of the world. How one man ran a single lap of the Earth. Come and meet him in person. (And get 2 for 1 tickets!)

On October 23, 2005 Dane Jesper Kenn Olsen, 34 became the first person to successfully run, in daily increments ranging from 14-93km, one lap around the Earth on land masses, setting a Guinness Book of World Records record. What began from the Old Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, England on January 1, 2004, ended there […] Read More⇒

Mark Morford strikes again: More communication and more technology equals more work equals more stress equals less sleep

Mark Morford strikes again. I have been having this very conversation with everybody I know. It seems that my entire circle of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances is in the midst of this overwhelming busy-ness right now. I have been questioning the value and the lack of stillness myself and then Mark, as usual, did it […] Read More⇒