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$10 robot that can walk on water and that looks like a bug

How cool is this? Metin Sitti, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon’s Nano-Robotics lab has built a robot patterned on water striders, that can walk – not float – on water and that can propel itself forward the same way that water striders do. The “bug” contains about $10 worth of material. Mike Crissey, writer for […] Read More⇒

Vancouver, BC: Tech company profile: Want to build an online community? Walk…no run… to and rent a turn-key hosted solution with all of the functionality you will ever need. Oh, and the people there are awesome too.

I have been reading about online communities since the days of the WELL (one of the first electronic communities to ever exist.) Of course, humans have always formed communities as part of their biological imperative – communities for living, for art, for trades, for commerce, for sex, for war, and for peace. And the internet […] Read More⇒