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Review of the Wearable Technologies Conference July 22/23 2013

(This post is —regrettably— 6 months late, an eternity in this market. I’m posting it anyway, as it still contains quite a bit of useful information)  The second-ever Wearable Technologies Conference hosted and run by Wearable Technologies AG (link) from Germany, was held here in San Francisco July 22/23. Attendees came from R&D labs, early-stage idea […] Read More⇒

About this site

This site contains my general blogging, published articles, and information on speaking dates where I discuss how business, technology, and finance can be used to create an open, healthy, and environmentally and economically vibrant society. Please feel free to contact me at troy at troyangrignon dot com to rant, discuss, or have me speak at […] Read More⇒

The human drive to own pets: Dogster gets funded, Cat cloning company goes out of business, and robotic dinosaur pet launches to wild fanfare

What is it with humans and their pets? Three completely unrelated news stories of late all connected in the neurons of my brain and I have to ask: what low-level function in the human brain is responsible for this intense desire for humans to have pets? Maybe the nurturing gene(s)? Dogster got some funding back […] Read More⇒

19th Annual Angel Forum (Vancouver, Canada) comes to a close

The 19th Annual Angel Forum came to a successful close this afternoon. Thirty-six companies in the software, manufacturing, communications, internet, and medical device sectors presented to 70+ investors over the course of a full day of sessions. Each presenting company was given 10 minutes to pitch their company, market, team, market problem, solution, and investment […] Read More⇒

Rocketbuilder’s new Ready to Rocket 25 list has been released. This is the best of the best of the emerging technology companies from Vancouver and across B.C.

I attended the Ready to Rocket 2006 session this morning, which was sponsored by Rocketbuilders , a Vancouver based market strategy and consulting firm that helps technology companies capitalize on market opportunities. The presentation started with an overview of the successes from 2005. Next, Geoff Hansen presented an IT Outlook for 2006. This was followed by […] Read More⇒