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Are you an entrepreneur looking for up to $3M of funding? Want to pitch your company to a group of qualified private equity investors? The Genesis Search wants you! (By this Friday!)

Please forward as appropriate to your respective networks.  Sorry for the late notice on this everyone, but I just found out today that a company my good friend Ean Jackson has just started with, Genesis Exchange, is looking for more good candidate companies to present their elevator pitches to a group of private equity investors. […] Read More⇒

Are you an entrepreneur looking to raise startup capital for your company? Are you an investor looking for companies to invest in? Then sign up for this Fall’s Angel Forum on October 25th, 2005 in Vancouver, BC, Canada

It’s that time of year again. Bob Chaworth-Musters, principal of the Angel Forum, will be hosting a one-day session where up to 34 pre-screened technology, service and manufacturing companies seeking equity funding of up to $1 million, will present to 70+ pre-screened private equity investors (80 investors registered in April). Private equity investor preferences (detailed criteria on […] Read More⇒

Solar power could match fossil fuel cost by 2011 by using Stirling engines that convert solar power directly to mechanical energy Interesting article. I don’t know enough to dispute or add to the article. I do know that the Insititute for Biological Energy Alternatives (Craig Venter’s new project) is looking at sea-life to find more efficient methods for solar conversion than is currently available through standard photosynthesis and that they are hoping to find solar […] Read More⇒