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30 Days of Sustainability 2007 is coming!

30 days of Sustainability is once again happening in Vancouver. This year it runs from April 22 – May 21, 2007. I highly recommend that people go check out the temporary site and sign up for updates. The full site will launch sometime in the next few weeks. Read More⇒

UPDATED: Under the Radar Relay Fri Mar 16, 2007

Many of you know that I was on the selection committee for “Why Office 2.0 Matters” – a one day conference being organized by the Dealmaker Media team in SF. The one day session will look at 32 of the most promising companies emerging in the Office-productivity-on-the-web category. As part of the run-up to the […] Read More⇒

My new (other) blog: Team Sport Goofy

I am signed up to race with a friend of mine for this year’s BC Bike Race, a 450-500km, 7 day stage race on mountain bikes that goes from Victoria to Whistler from July 1st to July 7th. We put together a blog so that people can follow along if they want as we train. […] Read More⇒

Enterprise 2.0: Corporate Wikis reviewed (update)

Over the past month and a couple of conversations, I have had the opportunity to speak with Ross Mayfield, CEO for Socialtext. Ross has very rightly pointed out that there have been major changes since July 2006 when the original posting went up and I agreed that since I’m keeping the post up, that I […] Read More⇒