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Mark Morford does it (yet) again: SpongeBob square pants is in cahoots with Bob the Builder to promote the gay agenda, while Bush asks for $80B more for his war on Islam and the Church continues to promote disease and unwanted births over contraception

Only Mark Morford can put all of this into one article and tie it all together so well. Excerpts below. The link to the left takes you to the full article at SF Gate. …James Dobson, the cute little founder of the cute little ultraconservative rabidly Christian happily neo-homophobic Focus on the Family, actually stood […] Read More⇒

Do you want to make technology better? Do you actually want it to work? I need your help to get my Technology Buyer’s Manifesto up on the ChangeThis site (UPDATE)

I submitted my Technology Buyer’s Manifesto to Seth Godin’s ChangeThis web site. They have now posted my proposal and it needs lots of votes. If it gets a lot of votes, then they will ask me to publish as one of their manifestos! PLEASE help by posting this information to your various email distribution lists, […] Read More⇒