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Celebrated authors of “The Frog and Prince” – one of the best networking books in the world – expand to the United States with their new release “Work the Pond”. I highly recommend this.

Back in 2003, I attended a pivotal event at the Vancouver Enterprise Forum. Normally, these events generally follow a predictable pattern. People fill in the room, buy a drink and wander aimlessly. The venture capitalists avoid the nervous entrepreneurs with the bad pitches and the keen students stand nervously in the corner, not sure who […] Read More⇒

Mark Morford does it (yet) again: SpongeBob square pants is in cahoots with Bob the Builder to promote the gay agenda, while Bush asks for $80B more for his war on Islam and the Church continues to promote disease and unwanted births over contraception

Only Mark Morford can put all of this into one article and tie it all together so well. Excerpts below. The link to the left takes you to the full article at SF Gate. …James Dobson, the cute little founder of the cute little ultraconservative rabidly Christian happily neo-homophobic Focus on the Family, actually stood […] Read More⇒

44% of Amerikans think that Muslim-Americans should have restricted rights. What a surprise. This must be counteracted by sane people everywhere

A Cornell university study has found that 44% of Amerikans favoured “some restrictions on the civil liberties of Muslim Americans.” But remember George Bush, “this is not a war of Christian against Muslim or Westerners against Easterners, it is a war on terror.” Umm, yeah, right. Shockingly, those who were most inclined to vote this […] Read More⇒

Fortress Amerika continued: John Perry Barlow takes on the US govt for illegal mission drift on Fourth Amendment searches

Read it and weep, my Amerikan friends. And support the EFF. QUOTE December 10, 2004 A Taste of the System 02:07 AM | Current Affairs/ Drugs/ Politics Since the election, as you’ve doubtless noticed, I haven’t had much to say here. Having lost that crusade – and I do think we lost, election skullduggery notwithstanding […] Read More⇒

Rewriting school books in Texas: Sex is bad, abstinence is good, condoms are missing, and gays are depressed, suicidal drug-users

Book-burning and more importantly, book-re-writing has been used throughout the rein of man to erase the collective knowledge and to curb dangerous thoughts and direct society. This infamous technique for hiding knowledge continues unabated today in Texas. Dubya and the ideologues (sounds like a great rock band title), continue to push their ideological and theological […] Read More⇒