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Enblogment: Kerry for U.S. President

I’m doing my part to join the enblogment exercise started by Larry Lessig. Everybody should link back (trackback) to their candidate of choice. The trackbacks will be analyzed against the election results to see if there is any correlation at all. Here is my vote for Kerry. Read More⇒

Osama Bin Laden’s transcript (from Al-Jazeera)

The transcript from Al-Jazeera is here. Some interesting comments. In short, OBL blames American/Israeli bombing of Lebanon for being the root cause of his revenge. Another interesting point is that he says four years have passed and the roots of the problem (Israeli/Palestinian relations) still have not changed. He makes no comment on Saudi Arabia […] Read More⇒

Kentucky Senator-elects try to outdo each other’s homophobia

Well, it’s a tough Senatorial race in Kentucky so they’re pulling out all the stops and playing the gay card. One of Senator Jim Bunnings supporters, State Senate president David Williams, tried to sway voters away from Senate hopeful Dan Mongiardo by deriding him as a “limp wrist”. Not to be outdone, State Senator Elizabeth […] Read More⇒

2004 is 1984: American government continues their drive for total, real-time, life-long tracking of all movement of its “citizens”.

Declan McCullagh, chief political correspondent for CNET News, covers the next degree of heat in the boiling frog pot otherwise known as the American government’s plan to track every American citizen’s communications, travel, finances, relationships, and lives from cradle to grave. This time, One section of the new proposed legislation: “…anticipates storing the ‘lifetime travel […] Read More⇒