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Web 2.0 Summit 2006 Day 1 Notes

Day 1 Notes from Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, CA Session 1: Enterprise 2.0 Mayfield had talked about SLATES – (search, linking, authoring, tagging, extensions, and signals) finally being possible on Socialtext’s new platform that they have formed with Six Apart, and a bunch of other companies called the Intel Suite. [I side with […] Read More⇒

44% of Amerikans think that Muslim-Americans should have restricted rights. What a surprise. This must be counteracted by sane people everywhere

A Cornell university study has found that 44% of Amerikans favoured “some restrictions on the civil liberties of Muslim Americans.” But remember George Bush, “this is not a war of Christian against Muslim or Westerners against Easterners, it is a war on terror.” Umm, yeah, right. Shockingly, those who were most inclined to vote this […] Read More⇒

Fortress Amerika continued: John Perry Barlow takes on the US govt for illegal mission drift on Fourth Amendment searches

Read it and weep, my Amerikan friends. And support the EFF. QUOTE December 10, 2004 A Taste of the System 02:07 AM | Current Affairs/ Drugs/ Politics Since the election, as you’ve doubtless noticed, I haven’t had much to say here. Having lost that crusade – and I do think we lost, election skullduggery notwithstanding […] Read More⇒

Carry your biometric ID or we will kill you on the spot. America attempts to outdo themselves in Fallujah by launching a biometric passport program in the city of Fallujah

The author of this article in The Register says it better than I could: QUOTE The plan underlying Fallujah’s ID scheme and phased return may be an effort to stop it reverting to a hostile no-go area for security forces, but it’s doubtful that this could entirely work. It won’t be possible to stop arms […] Read More⇒

Canadians don’t need to be fingerprinted to enter the U.S…..yet

Once this system is in place that requires foreigners entering the U.S. from Canada to have their fingerprints scanned, it will only be a matter of a year or two or another trade dispute and suddenly the system will be extended to Canadian citizens. I would be quite happy to not visit the USA until […] Read More⇒

If this isn’t incentive to keep your teenagers busy I don’t know what is. “Bored” German teenagers hack IDs and spend 80 Million Euros on e-shopping binge

From the Register: QUOTE Three “bored” German teenagers blew a staggering £80 million (₠130 million) in just two hours after they ran amok in an online spending spree. Using stolen credit card details the trio bought airplanes, works of art, designer clothes, restaurants, industrial machinery, patents and sound systems. They were arrested by police on […] Read More⇒