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2004 is 1984: American government continues their drive for total, real-time, life-long tracking of all movement of its “citizens”.

Declan McCullagh, chief political correspondent for CNET News, covers the next degree of heat in the boiling frog pot otherwise known as the American government’s plan to track every American citizen’s communications, travel, finances, relationships, and lives from cradle to grave. This time, One section of the new proposed legislation: “…anticipates storing the ‘lifetime travel […] Read More⇒

Cheney tries to backtrack on his scare-mongering

Cheney is trying to weasel out of his comments the other day where he said that if Americans vote for Bush, they will be safe, but if they vote for Kerry, they will likely get attacked again. Now he is saying that what he meant to say was the Bush and Kerry would RESPOND differently […] Read More⇒

More insanity from the U.S. government. Privately owned satellite imagery may be hidden from view of the public and private sector. WHY?

The American government’s penchance for secrecy above all continues unabated. Defense Tech news reports that a bill has now passed, which puts all remote sensing data into the hands solely of the U.S. Government and its allies, where allies is defined in the law itself. So, the data is not classified and it is not […] Read More⇒