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Orwell rolling in his grave: The newest iteration of the intrusive, massive database cross-referencing passenger screening system has a new tagline: “Preserving our Freedoms”. Bloody Hell.

I don’t even have the energy to write much about this much-maligned system that was CAPPS and then CAPPS 2 and now SecureFlight. It is essentially a passenger screening system (like the flawed one I wrote about here and here) that has cost $100M to date and that is being relaunched with a new, friendly […] Read More⇒

Bruce Schneier writes about the U.S. “slouching toward Big Brother”

Bruce is one of my favourite security authors. He has a very macro view of the world and his reasoning on security issues is always well-thought out and pragmatic. He has written an article on CNET about how he sees the ongoing American dissolution into a police state that is happening right now. QUOTE We […] Read More⇒

Dept. Of Homeland Paranoia pulls Arab-American census data from the census bureau “so that we can put up signs in Arabic in the right airports.”

Reuters is covering the story of how EPIC extracted through the Freedom of Information Act the fact that the Census Bureau pulled Arab-American data out and gave it to the Department of Homeland Paranoia. I’m not sure what pisses me off more – that the DHP requested this info, that the Census Bureau provided it […] Read More⇒