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What is an adventure capitalist?

I made up the term for myself because I like adventures, following angel and venture finance trends, building businesses, social entrepreneurship, and environmentally sustainable capitalism. But currently there is no word for capitalists who are socially and environmentally aware and who want to use capitalism as a force for good in the world. Pan-capitalism? Omni-capitalism? […] Read More⇒

A bachelors degree in Homeland Security? Here’s a better idea. How about a Masters degree in civil society, humanity, art, culture, love, freedom, sexuality, and international relations?

Universities (in the U.S.) are now going to be offering courses in such exciting Homeland Security topics as: how to hunt witches, how to protect against witch spells, and ….oops, that was in the McCarthy era. The new courses include Homeland (In)Security and the State, Jihad and the End of the World, and Urban Security […] Read More⇒

Toronto pulls freezing cold water from the bottom of the lake to cool buildings, lower carbon emissions, save on power costs, and source drinking water

This looks like an interesting energy project being opened in Toronto. Enwave Systems has built a three pipe system that pulls low-temperature water from the bottom of the lake Ontario, extracts the coldness from the water (the process is not mentioned), and then puts the water into the drinking supply. I would be interested to […] Read More⇒

Buzzword of the month: Renewable energy

It’s Deja vu all over again. Renewable energy seems to be the topic of the day. Some odd combination of forces are driving interest in renewable energies (many of the things that I discussed in my previous posting on bioproducts). The web is cluttered with noise about bioproducts, solar energy, and other non-petroleum based energy […] Read More⇒

Timing is everything: Will Bioproducts (biomaterials, biochemicals, and biofuels) finally get their own association in British Columbia?

Everything old is new again. It’s all about timing.  These are only two of a few choice phrases that may describe something that is afoot here in British Columbia. Some major global, national, and provincial forces are in play that are driving the development of a new (to us) association that may be created in […] Read More⇒