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Web 2.0 Summit 2006 – Day 2 / Net Neutrality debate between Vinton Cerf (ICANN/Google) and Robert Pepper (ex-FCC, now Cisco)

Day 2 notes from Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, CA: [my analysis and notes are in these square brackets.] Net Neutrality debate: Vinton Cerf, father of the internet vs. Robert Pepper, ex-FCC and now Cisco Bob: this is a falsely premised debate setting up tyranny on the one hand (heavy-handed regulation) vs.chaos (no regulation) […] Read More⇒

Web 2.0 Summit 2006 Day 1 Notes

Day 1 Notes from Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, CA Session 1: Enterprise 2.0 Mayfield had talked about SLATES – (search, linking, authoring, tagging, extensions, and signals) finally being possible on Socialtext’s new platform that they have formed with Six Apart, and a bunch of other companies called the Intel Suite. [I side with […] Read More⇒

Best business movie of the year: Kinky Boots

This is without a doubt the best business movie of the year for its content. And it is probably one of my favourite movies of the year for its film quality as well.  This movie is BRILLIANT. It is the true story of a men’s brogue shoe factory in Northamptonshire, England that in order to […] Read More⇒

The Web 2.0 Manifesto has arrived (finally!)

Thanks to the nice people at,  The Web 2.0 Manifesto is now here and can be downloaded from this page or if you want you can get the PDF directly by clicking this link. Please email me with comments! Stay tuned for a series of blog-posts that will follow up in more depth. Read More⇒