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Thoughts on Gnomedex 2006 Day 1

For reasons related to work, I spent yesterday NOT attending Gnomedex but I did manage to make the dinner and get together afterwards. There was a large Vancouver contingent there. All of the usual suspects – Boris Mann, Darren Barefoot and his lovely wife Julia, Andre Charland from e-business Applications, and the entire Qumana crew […] Read More⇒

Spam Poetry = “SPOETRY”

My friend Ross Waring coined a new word today. I was reading him some of the excellent poetry that I received in my spam and he said,  “Spam Poetry? You mean SPOETRY?” I had to immediately post that to the world just in case he was the first to coin it. For your reading pleasure […] Read More⇒

Communication Channel Generation Gaps: Talk to your friends via SMS; your colleagues via IM/Skype, your parents via email and phones

I work on a lot of different distributed teams, on corporate and non-profit projects. I have been finding it very interesting (and frustrating) to see what channels I have to use to communicate to my various peers. Channels by environment: For working in enterprise teams, we rely on audio-conference bridges with 1-800 numbers, file-servers, Sharepoint, […] Read More⇒