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Rocketbuilder’s new Ready to Rocket 25 list has been released. This is the best of the best of the emerging technology companies from Vancouver and across B.C.

I attended the Ready to Rocket 2006 session this morning, which was sponsored by Rocketbuilders , a Vancouver based market strategy and consulting firm that helps technology companies capitalize on market opportunities. The presentation started with an overview of the successes from 2005. Next, Geoff Hansen presented an IT Outlook for 2006. This was followed by […] Read More⇒

Enterprise 2.0: Summary of good corporate blog and wiki resources

(For the most recent articles on Web 2.0, check out my full Web 2.0 articles category.) Here are some great links about corporate wikis and blogs What’s it all about? The Wisdom of crowds: Wikipedia: Wisdom of crowds. Blink and the Wisdom of crowds. Smart Mobs: Web 2.0: Web 2.0 Conference […] Read More⇒

Celebrated authors of “The Frog and Prince” – one of the best networking books in the world – expand to the United States with their new release “Work the Pond”. I highly recommend this.

Back in 2003, I attended a pivotal event at the Vancouver Enterprise Forum. Normally, these events generally follow a predictable pattern. People fill in the room, buy a drink and wander aimlessly. The venture capitalists avoid the nervous entrepreneurs with the bad pitches and the keen students stand nervously in the corner, not sure who […] Read More⇒

Report to the home planet: Earthlings break their own rules so that they can watch other earthlings run around with a small round object

Report to the home planet: Solar date: 4034583.9.20 The humans on this planet are very fond of their sports. One sport in particular which involves running around a field moving a round object from player to player seems to be popular across the many nations. It is so popular that the other day, despite the […] Read More⇒