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Fortress Amerika continued: John Perry Barlow takes on the US govt for illegal mission drift on Fourth Amendment searches

Read it and weep, my Amerikan friends. And support the EFF. QUOTE December 10, 2004 A Taste of the System 02:07 AM | Current Affairs/ Drugs/ Politics Since the election, as you’ve doubtless noticed, I haven’t had much to say here. Having lost that crusade – and I do think we lost, election skullduggery notwithstanding […] Read More⇒

Woman kills young mother, cuts her baby out of the womb, and then takes the baby home to her husband and kids as her own newborn. WTF?

If you have not read about this horriffic case yet, Lisa M. Montgomery of Melvern Kansas had a baby girl fourteen years ago and then had her tubes tied. Since that time, she frequently claimed that she was pregnant to her ex-husband, current husband, and fellow dog-show attendees. Even more recently, she claimed on a […] Read More⇒

Carry your biometric ID or we will kill you on the spot. America attempts to outdo themselves in Fallujah by launching a biometric passport program in the city of Fallujah

The author of this article in The Register says it better than I could: QUOTE The plan underlying Fallujah’s ID scheme and phased return may be an effort to stop it reverting to a hostile no-go area for security forces, but it’s doubtful that this could entirely work. It won’t be possible to stop arms […] Read More⇒

NBC bans church ad that WELCOMES gay couples to the church…because Bush wants to ban gay marriage. See how it all fits together?

America was doing so well until the ideological war-mongering Christian crusader came to power and now that they have managed to stamp out sex education, increase teen pregnancies, and push Creationism back into the classroom, it only seems fitting that one of the largest American TV networks would ban an ad from the United Church, […] Read More⇒

If this isn’t incentive to keep your teenagers busy I don’t know what is. “Bored” German teenagers hack IDs and spend 80 Million Euros on e-shopping binge

From the Register: QUOTE Three “bored” German teenagers blew a staggering £80 million (₠130 million) in just two hours after they ran amok in an online spending spree. Using stolen credit card details the trio bought airplanes, works of art, designer clothes, restaurants, industrial machinery, patents and sound systems. They were arrested by police on […] Read More⇒

Rewriting school books in Texas: Sex is bad, abstinence is good, condoms are missing, and gays are depressed, suicidal drug-users

Book-burning and more importantly, book-re-writing has been used throughout the rein of man to erase the collective knowledge and to curb dangerous thoughts and direct society. This infamous technique for hiding knowledge continues unabated today in Texas. Dubya and the ideologues (sounds like a great rock band title), continue to push their ideological and theological […] Read More⇒