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Hey NASA, we’re going to call it the Vancouver-levator. (or how Vancouver’s geeks and visionaries will build the space elevator that allows us to leap into the solar system.)

Space Elevator illustration by Kenn Brown and Chris Wren from Mondolithic (Vancouver’s own brilliant illustrators with a global fan base!) I recently had the pleasure of meeting Steven Jones, the leader of the UBC Snowstar team  – a team of UBC students who are entering the NASA Beam Power and Tether Strength Challenges – two […] Read More⇒

Report to the home planet: Earthlings break their own rules so that they can watch other earthlings run around with a small round object

Report to the home planet: Solar date: 4034583.9.20 The humans on this planet are very fond of their sports. One sport in particular which involves running around a field moving a round object from player to player seems to be popular across the many nations. It is so popular that the other day, despite the […] Read More⇒