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Boris and Troy numb the minds of an MBA class with corporate blogs, wikis, RSS, and the future of social software

Boris Mann posted a great summary of a fine evening that he and I spent chatting with an MBA class team who call themselves “Team Flow.” Lots of interesting discussion, and great questions from a very keen group of people. Thanks Lorraine and team for the wine and food! I would have posted this sooner, […] Read More⇒

Do you want to make technology better? Do you actually want it to work? I need your help to get my Technology Buyer’s Manifesto up on the ChangeThis site (UPDATE)

I submitted my Technology Buyer’s Manifesto to Seth Godin’s ChangeThis web site. They have now posted my proposal and it needs lots of votes. If it gets a lot of votes, then they will ask me to publish as one of their manifestos! PLEASE help by posting this information to your various email distribution lists, […] Read More⇒

My Blog Metrics

I know that people have been exploring blog meters and such and I was interested in my own readership so I graphed the data provided by my Blogware application and here it is. Seems to be a good trend with slow, steady growth. Read More⇒

Roadtrip! Blog Business Summit in Seattle January 24-25, 2005.

Perhaps all of us Vancouver blogger types need to join our Southern friends at the Blog Business Summit in Seattle scheduled for January 24-25, 2005.  Could be an interesting event. QUOTE We’re pleased to announce the Blog Business Summit has launched.  The summit will be the gathering place for hundreds of entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and […] Read More⇒