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Google signs on 30,000 new Google Apps users at Valeo

Well, Google Apps continues to make headway into the enterprise. Yesterday it was announced that Valeo has deployed 30,000 seats of Google Apps. That’s an impressive sale. The deal was coordinated by Cap Gemini. I’m guessing that it was done by their recently formed cloud computing team that was assembled back in Fall 2008. There […] Read More⇒

Live streaming of Obama’s inauguration caused the Internet’s top 40 sites to slow to 60% of normal speed. Wow.

WebGuild posted an excellent article today on the effect that all of the world’s live video streams had on the Internet yesterday during Obama’s inauguration. I was hoping that somebody would have the metrics for that. It appears that it was the good people over at Keynote. Predictably the total number of pages viewed was […] Read More⇒

Startonomics 2008- Live Blogging

Hey all, I’m at Startonomics today, put on by Dealmaker Media. I’ll be posting updates to this over the course of the day. Live stream is here: My notes and editorial comments are in [square brackets.] These are DRAFT NOTES. Better versions coming after the conference, complete with images. MORNING SESSION: Dave McClure, 500 hats […] Read More⇒