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Where does all this end? U.S. Citizens requiring “travel papers”, secret laws, flawed no-fly lists, the FBI interviewing people to pre-empt their protesting, and Senator Edward Kennedy gets put on the no-fly list (UPDATED)

Dear American Friend: We’re sorry you’re down there. Feel free to come up and marry a Canadian anytime, we’d love to have you. You can no longer travel without papers in your own country (as designated by the secret laws that you are not allowed to read about.) The FBI are showing up on your […] Read More⇒

Extremely powerful Republican “Switcher” Ads from the creator of Apple’s “Switcher” campaign. Forward to your American friends

Erroll Morris, the brains behind the much parodied, often copied “Switch” ads for Apple’s Macintosh computers, has found a new way to use his powerful interviewing technique. He contacted and interviewed 500 Republicans who have decided to vote for Kerry and had them tell why they were switching. Many of them are still Republican but […] Read More⇒

A bachelors degree in Homeland Security? Here’s a better idea. How about a Masters degree in civil society, humanity, art, culture, love, freedom, sexuality, and international relations?

Universities (in the U.S.) are now going to be offering courses in such exciting Homeland Security topics as: how to hunt witches, how to protect against witch spells, and ….oops, that was in the McCarthy era. The new courses include Homeland (In)Security and the State, Jihad and the End of the World, and Urban Security […] Read More⇒

Timing is everything: Will Bioproducts (biomaterials, biochemicals, and biofuels) finally get their own association in British Columbia?

Everything old is new again. It’s all about timing.  These are only two of a few choice phrases that may describe something that is afoot here in British Columbia. Some major global, national, and provincial forces are in play that are driving the development of a new (to us) association that may be created in […] Read More⇒

Dept. Of Homeland Paranoia pulls Arab-American census data from the census bureau “so that we can put up signs in Arabic in the right airports.”

Reuters is covering the story of how EPIC extracted through the Freedom of Information Act the fact that the Census Bureau pulled Arab-American data out and gave it to the Department of Homeland Paranoia. I’m not sure what pisses me off more – that the DHP requested this info, that the Census Bureau provided it […] Read More⇒